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About Us

Int Tec Solutions is a proven leader in the IT services industry, helping to make businesses scalable and future ready.

Int Tec Solutions helps organisations who are looking for smarter ways to advance and manage their technology. Our services combine the latest technology with skilled IT experts, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced costs and more vigorous security.
Whatever your baseline and whatever the end-goal, Int Tec Solutions supports you in creating tangible strategic value that aligns with your ambitions.

Why Partner with Int Tec Solutions?

At Int Tec Solutions, we strive to deliver holistic solutions for your IT challenges. Our experts have been providing IT consultancy services for over 30 years and are committed to exploring the best solutions to give your business a competitive advantage. We work hard behind the scenes to deliver the infrastructure, strategy and support you need, so you can focus on growth.

Our Values


Our industry reputation is a direct result of our team’s uncompromising belief in transparency. We adhere to strict industry standards and are committed to delivering on our promise. Everything we do is captured so that clients have full visibility into the cost and process of our services.


You can rest assured that when you enter into a relationship with Int Tec Solutions, you are in responsible hands. We can be trusted to deliver our services in a timely and professional manner, with minimum disruption to your business operations.


At Int Tec Solutions, we endeavour to create an inclusive environment where our clients feel that their needs are catered to. Every decision is carefully considered by a team of IT experts through insight and collaboration with our clients, to ensure we are always acting in your best interests.


We want to see our clients take their businesses to the next level. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your organisational goals while maximising on your IT investments.