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CIO Advisory: An Indispensable Asset in an Increasingly Competitive World

Digital Solutions Applied to Daily Problems

The role of the CIO has changed dramatically over the past few years, pushing the expectations of the modern CIO to not only ensure that the technology is running as it should, but to also create business value. Processes and equipment are now evaluated by their ability to achieve the goals of the company, and are related to every aspect of corporate functionality, from strategic planning to opening up new markets. In today’s everchanging, highly-competitive global market, making the right technology choices becomes an imperative in meeting both long and short-term objectives.

Int Tec Solution’s CIO Advisory services can provide the right level of mentoring to assist in securing success for any organisation. The Int Tec team embraces the philosophy that selecting and implementing the right technology is central to the success and long-term accomplishments of all organisations. This is done by fostering a strong understanding of how their partners define success and identifying what tools they need to achieve it.

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A Comprehensive Solution

With thousands of clients that work in a diverse range of industries, Int Tec Solutions is able to provide decades worth of valuable knowledge and experience to meeting their clients’ needs. When used to form a strong partnership with clients, this knowledge and experience can be leveraged to provide IT advice in an understandable format, while still providing a comprehensive action plan to meet any strategic and developmental goals.

The consulting services offered by Int Tec Solutions can provide expertise in IT consulting solutions that can assist with the following business functions, amongst others.

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Virtual CIO/CISO (on a retainer basis)
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Open Source Intelligence Assessments
  • Security Awareness & Training
  • Cloud Readiness Audits & Consulting
  • Visual Communications Consulting
  • Technology Infrastructure Consulting

The Business Case for CIO Advisory

While it’s clear that CIO advisory services can help to tackle problems found in any organisation, the reality is that this is becoming essential for all organisations that wish to remain competitive. New ways of implementing and using technology are leading to greater efficiencies and enhanced performance for all industries. With this in mind, using all tools available in the most efficient and strategic way is becoming increasingly important for any business to remain prosperous. CIO Advisory services function to provide benefits in several key areas.

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Strategy – As a strategic tool, these services can assist with the big-picture question of ‘what can we do better’? This can range from alignment of business processes, ensuring more effective governance, implementing results-based policies and procedures, developing key relationships, opening new markets, assisting with contract negotiations and developing strong action plans.

Risk Management – As one of the most pressing concerns of any organisation, assistance with data threats can range from developing cybersecurity policies, implementing antivirus solutions, managing patches, responding to incidents, planning for business continuity, and having a data backup and recovery plan.

Efficiency – Complex planning and implementation of the right systems often saves time and money. With advances in AI and machine learning, more complex processes are capable of being automated. Selecting critical technologies to meet identified business development goals will become increasingly important moving forward.

Decision-Making – With a high level of expertise, advisors can often provide key insights that will help drive data-based decision making. By analysing performance and reviewing it with clients, a strong foundation of trust based upon honest communication is developed. This level of responsiveness will lead to better decisions, made faster, that have a genuine impact on the organisation’s bottom line.

Profitability – By identifying and prioritizing business objectives based upon their impact on profitability, advisors can often help any organisation increase their bottom line.

Peace of Mind – By working with a partner who is genuinely committed to helping your organisation select and implement the right solutions will help any C-suite leader breathe a little bit easier.


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