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Cybersecurity in Enterprise

Cybersecurity and the Persistent Digital Threats

Cybersecurity and data breaches are a looming threat for businesses in any industry. As quickly as IT tools are developed to combat data threats, new and increasingly sophisticated attack methods are developed and implemented on a global scale. These attacks target businesses across many industries, and often cause significant damage.

For small to medium enterprises (SMEs), IT and cybersecurity can be a persistent source of concern. Security threats are being encountered by SMEs much more frequently than in the past, and successful attacks can prove to be incredibly costly for organisations that are impacted. Since SMEs often have much more budgetary restrictions than larger enterprises, the threat of a cyber-attack is alarming.

SMEs are Being Targeted More Frequently

While large-scale data breaches impacting major institutions make the news on a regular basis, there are far more small-scale attacks that can be equally damaging to the small businesses that are targeted. One report has found that 58% of malware attack victims are categorised as small businesses and many business owners are reporting that these attacks are becoming more severe and sophisticated.

The costs of an attack are also increasing. The average cost for small and medium-sized businesses that had suffered a cyber-attack was $2.235,000. Over $1 million of this was due to damage or theft of IT assets and the remaining impact came from the disruption to normal operations that was caused by the attack.

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Responding to the Threat

Despite the huge risk of experiencing a cyber-attack, most SMEs do not have sufficient resources allocated to properly defend their network operations. In fact, 86% of SMEs report having less than 10% of their total IT budget dedicated to cyber security and another 75% have between zero and 2 IT professionals on staff.

While these statistics are sobering, it’s important to realise that providing comprehensive cyber security measures doesn’t have to break the bank. Int Tec Solutions has the depth of expertise necessary to provide these services to SMEs, while still allowing them to remain competitive and profitable despite the budget constraints most SMEs encounter.

While there is no miracle solution or silver bullet that can prevent any attack, Int Tec Solutions’ strategy is based on a multi-tiered approach to security that can often reduce the threat level as well as increase an organisation’s ability to mitigate the threat and in the event of a successful data breach, minimise the amount of damage that can occur.

The 6-Point Approach to Comprehensive Cyber Security

Int Tec embraces a cyber security strategy that permeates the entire cyber landscape of an organisation and actively involves personnel in establishing and maintaining the highest level of security possible.

1. Risk identification

As experts with decades of experience, the professionals at Int Tec Solutions stay up to date on established threats that continue to evolve as well as new, emerging cyber threats. The breadth of knowledge allows them to rapidly and effectively identify and prioritise cyber threats so that prevention and response measures can be executed quickly.

2. Vulnerability reduction

By employing all available security measures and empowering employees within the organisation with the knowledge necessary to reduce cyber threats, clients can be assured that their level of vulnerability is greatly reduced.

3. Disruption and prevention of attacks

With their extensive level of threat intelligence, the professionals at Int Tec Solutions can quickly detect data corruption and configuration anomalies that are red flags of a cyber-attack. This ability to quickly recognise an attack is the biggest factor in preventing data breaches.

4. Mitigation of incidents

Despite providing the best security measures available, no organisation is 100% immune from a cyber-attack, which is why Int Tec Solutions also works with their clients to develop mitigation plans so that data losses and downtime are reduced or eliminated.

5. Respond to changes in the network

With the rapid progress of digital technology, the only constant has been persistent change. As new applications and infrastructure solutions are developed, the older ones are replaced. The rise in cloud computing and the rapid proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) is also contributing to the fluidity and mutable nature of network environments. Int Tec Solutions is committed to providing the highest level of security for the unique network needs of their clients, no matter how much those needs may change.

6. Work to stabilise the entire cyber landscape

As the cyber security plan begins to take shape, the key to ensuring long-term security is empowering organisations in their ability to create policies and education on the importance of maintaining security. In this role, clients can depend on Int Tec Solutions to serve as a trusted and knowledgeable advisor that will help to develop successful strategies that support long-term cyber security.

Solutions Made Simple

There are many benefits in selecting Int Tec Solutions as a trusted partner that can assist with all of your cybersecurity needs. By letting our professionals handle the day-to-day tasks that ensure security is at its peak performance, you can trust that the threat of a data breach (and its corresponding adverse impact on reputation) will be minimised. Int Tec Solutions can provide a hand-on approach that applies the 6 Points of Comprehensive Cyber Security to your organisation. This safeguards your organisation from noncompliance and provides enhanced internal security practices. With regular monitoring and continuous identification of emerging and evolving threats, Int Tec Solutions can address these vulnerabilities quickly and respond accordingly. By contacting our experts, you can rest assured that your organisation’s IT security measures are ahead of the game.


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