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Cybersecurity in the Public Sector

Cybersecurity and the Persistent Digital Threats

Cybersecurity and data breaches are a looming threat for businesses in any industry. As quickly as IT tools are developed to combat data threats, new and increasingly sophisticated attack methods are developed and implemented on a global scale. These attacks target businesses across many industries, and often cause significant damage. For organisations in the public sector, the stakes are even higher, and these institutions need the highest level of complete protection that is available. Along with the Energy Industry and SME’s – Healthcare, Higher Education and other Government Agencies represent the top 5 industries that are most vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Staying One Step Ahead

In the USA, Homeland Security has reported a 10-fold increase in the number of cyber incidents reported to the Department of Human Services between 2006 and 2015 that impacted the public sector. Moreover, with the rapid proliferation of an expanding number of digital devices combined with the increasing level of interconnectedness, cyber threats are constantly evolving and becoming progressively more elaborate. The challenge here lies in ensuring a comprehensive cybersecurity plan is implemented; this means it should be one step ahead of any potential threats. Any plan must embrace a holistic approach that includes common best practices, employee engagement and training, and extensive knowledge of threat risks and mitigation actions.

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Operating within the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework (VPDSF)

Because public sector information is so valuable and targeted, the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework was created for public sector organisations operating in Victoria and compliance is mandatory. This framework was developed as a means to help these organisations improve their data security practices and policies, manage risk and promote innovation that can lead to increased productivity. The agency behind the VPDSF, the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner, has outlined a 5-step action plan that includes specific mandatory documents to be completed and policies implemented. Once a comprehensive Protective Data Security Plan has been adopted, regular reporting and review of the plan is required.

While this framework is a huge asset in planning to ensure the integrity of data is safeguarded in the best manner possible, it can be a daunting process for many organisations. The framework includes 18 high-level mandatory standards, each with 4 distinct protocols. In addition to this, OVIC will oversee the compliance and monitoring activities related to the VPDSF, which may include audits.

Achieving the goals laid forth by the VPDSF can be intimidating any sized organisation, which is why the professionals at Int Tec Solutions can assist with every component to ensure full compliance is achieved. This service can begin during the planning process with the Risk Profile Assessment and carry through the entire process, during which only reporting and mandatory reviews are required. Despite the low level of requirements that are formally dictated by the VPDSF once the Protective Data Security Plan has been adopted, Int Tec Solutions will continue to be a proactive party that seeks out new vulnerabilities in a rapidly changing data landscape and working to ensure that these threats are properly accounted for.

The Int Tec Solutions Advantage

Int Tec Solutions has the high-level of expertise necessary to provide a full range of IT services to those operating in the public sector. Int Tec Solutions also recognises that governmental agencies also serve as trustees to public funds, which is why Int Tec’s commitment to cost-effectiveness becomes a significant factor their ability to provide superior service to those operating in the public sector.

While there is no miracle solution or silver bullet that can prevent any attack, Int Tec Solutions’ strategy is based on a multi-tiered approach to security that can often reduce the threat level as well as increase an organisation’s ability to mitigate the threat and in the event of a successful data breach, minimise the amount of damage that can occur.

Solutions Made Simple

There are many benefits in selecting Int Tec Solutions as a trusted partner that can assist with all of your cybersecurity needs. By letting our professionals handle the day-to-day tasks that ensure security is at its peak performance, you can trust that the threat of a data breach (and its corresponding adverse impact on reputation) will be minimised.

Int Tec Solutions can provide a hand-on approach that applies the 6 Points of Comprehensive Cyber Security to your organisation. This safeguards your organisation from noncompliance and provides enhanced internal security practices. With regular monitoring and continuous identification of emerging and evolving threats, Int Tec Solutions can address these vulnerabilities quickly and respond accordingly. By contacting our experts, you can rest assured that your organisation’s IT security measures are ahead of the game.


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