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All You Need to Know About the ISDN Disconnect

Due to the shift to the National Broadband Network (NBN), Telstra has opted to begin dismantling the IS ISDN network in September of 2019. The process of disconnect will extend into 2022. For customer who would like more information about the disconnect, its timeline and its impact, an overview of all relevant information is provided below.

The Scope

Beginning in September, the first disconnections will occur, by 2022, the following products will be entirely eliminated:

  • ISDN2
  • ISDN2 Enhanced
  • ISDN 10/20/30
  • DDS Fastway
  • Megalink
  • Frame Relay

The final date for these products will mirror the NBN regional disconnection rollout. Once the NBN infrastructure reaches 92% in relevant areas, Telstra will be required to disconnect the copper network. Contributing to these factors is the fact that many vendors will no longer support use of this network.

nbn mildura

The Impact

The biggest question most people have is: Will this disconnect have an impact on my business? If you currently rely on ISDN, then yes, it will mean that you must switch service. However, the deadline for when you have to have this completed can vary greatly. Some businesses will be faced with this in just a few months, while others may have a couple years.

If you do not know what type of service you have, you may contact Int Tec Solutions for an audit and IT consulting on your infrastructure.

Securing New Service

If you do need to find an alternative to current ISDN service, there are several steps that can be taken to ensure that you have a comprehensive migration plan. These include:

  • Assess your current resources – Consider how calls are made and how messaging would ideally be handled. You may also look at your current infrastructure capabilities. This will help you to identify the optimal alternative for your overall network.
  • Select a network provider – This provider should be able to port your current numbers over to a new service. When considering vendors, you may want to consider several things, such as their security record, ability to provide support, the quality of their service, pricing factors and their overall track record. Look for providers who have a well-established track record for providing reliable services.
  • Develop a migration plan – This step will be done in conjunction with your network provider. They can assist you with identifying deadlines, testing alternative solutions and implementing the new service.

Ultimately, this process should begin as soon as possible for all those who still rely on ISDN. The process can be lengthy and time consuming. You may also experience unexpected challenges. There will be many organisations that wait until the last minute and they may be left with few options for available vendors as we approach the deadline date – don’t let your organisation be one of them.


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