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Video Conferencing Solutions

Int Tec Solutions' high definition video conferencing services guarantee that you are never out of reach.

From routine meetings and product demonstrations to job interviews and staff training, video conferencing has made interaction easier and more cost-effective. It brings participants together on one platform with useful features such as file sharing, office software integration and collaboration tools.

Int Tec Solutions’ HD quality video conferencing services allow you to retain the nuances of face-to-face communication, with the added benefit of being accessible from anywhere. Using the latest video chat and call technologies, we help you accelerate decision-making, develop client relationships and drive revenue. You can confidently share information knowing that the platform is securely encrypted with endpoint security solutions.

Whether you require fully managed services or ad-hoc support, Int Tec Solutions is a leading integrator of video conferencing solutions optimised for your organisation.

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Complete End-to-End ICT

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