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Remote Worker Support

Specialist remote worker support services that give your organisation and its staff the flexibility and mobility they need.

Statistics have revealed an increased preference for remote working amongst both staff and companies. Being able to work in your own personal space can lead to employee performance improvements. Nevertheless, it presents organisations with an additional challenge of providing support to both office-based and remote staff. Meeting the different needs of these two groups can be problematic without the right infrastructure in place.

For over 2 decades now, Int Tec Solutions has provided outstanding technical consulting and support to remote workers. We leverage our extensive expertise to deliver services that cater to a decentralised workforce. This enables us to quickly and effectively resolve any technical issues that may arise for staff members working off-site.

Whether it’s software defined WAN (SDWAN), remote office implementation and support, remote printing, digital workspaces, or video conferencing your need, we offer a range of remote worker support services to meet your organisation’s unique requirements.

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Complete End-to-End ICT

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Complete End-to-End ICT

Meeting the growing IT demands for a private health provider

The board of SCHS needed an IT provider that could assist with the entire process, including the consultation and planning activities, comprehensive project management, and the actual implementation of equipment rolled out in a timely manner.

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