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End User Computing

Int Tec Solutions delivers end-user computing solutions that help you to fully capitalise on IT technology in an increasingly digital landscape

End User Computing pertains to how users, with multiple devices, are able to access their applications & data from anywhere at any time. End User Computing looks to seamlessly integrate these users, with their devices, into the computing environment. An EUC strategy enables mobility and Bring-Your-Own-Device.

At Int Tec Solutions, we deliver end-user computing services that increase the adoption of new technologies by end users. Our solutions are agile, manageable, scalable and user-friendly to diminish the systems expertise that are needed to stay up to date with a fast-evolving digital environment. This enables your users to take advantage of the platforms that enhance productivity and efficiency, whether they’re operating remotely or centrally.

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Complete End-to-End ICT

Delivering Managed IT for Tasco Petroleum

The client runs a hybrid cloud with a reliance on both on premise and cloud applications. As the reliance on the internet grew the frequency of staff reporting speed issues also grew.

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Complete End-to-End ICT

Meeting the growing IT demands for a private health provider

The board of SCHS needed an IT provider that could assist with the entire process, including the consultation and planning activities, comprehensive project management, and the actual implementation of equipment rolled out in a timely manner.

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