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Business Continuity Planning

Int Tec Solutions consultants proactively prepare your business to detect, react and recover should a disruptive incident occur in the future, so that your business never misses a beat.

We live in an increasingly digital, cloud-based world, with ever-changing demands and vulnerabilities. A business must have reliable and adaptable IT services if they are to maintain customer trust and continue to grow. However, when you consider that systems are becoming increasingly integrated and distributed across hybrid IT environments, you will appreciate that developing a comprehensive BCP can quickly become complicated.

At Int Tec Solutions, we provide flexible guidance and support in all aspects of BCP development, including program administration, crisis management, business recovery and IT disaster recovery.

The Keys To A Successful Business Continuity Plan


It’s great to have a solid BCP in place; but all the planning in the world is futile if it cannot be effectively implemented when the need arises. The key to success is a well-trained organisation. Whether you have a new or existing BCP, we want to ensure that if a disruption were to occur, the key members of staff would know exactly what their role was and how to carry it out effectively. Think of it as a fire drill for your BCP.

Our IT experts can provide exercises involving a rehearsal of IT systems recovery to demonstrate business resilience and capability.

You may already have a BCP in place, but if it is not regularly tested, it can quickly become outdated. Our Int Tec Solutions consultants are experts in conducting rigorous simulations and tests of recovery procedures and assessing performance. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation on the effectiveness of your BCP with regards to your specified objectives, as well as industry best practices and standards. Upon completion, we provide an in-depth report on the current state of your programs and offer expert recommendations to bolster their impact.

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