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Case Study

Meeting the growing IT demands for a private health provider

Sunrysia Community Health Services


Sunraysia Community Health Services (SCHS) is a private provider of publicly funded health services and has been serving the community of Mildura for over 40 years. They offer 55 different health programs, providing a wide range of health care services across the region. In 2015, Sunraysia built a new facility to accommodate the growing demand for their services and to provide their staff, which exceeded 150 skilled health professionals and administrators, with a state of the art facility that allowed them to provide safe and comfortable healthcare for the community.

Within the new facility, SHCS needed to add 120 new workstations, set up a second server room, and improve networking and switching capacity to meet their growing IT demands. In addition to this, an upgrade to their phone and communications system was needed, including the addition of meeting room video conferencing solutions.

The board of SCHS needed an IT provider that could assist with the entire process, including the consultation and planning activities, comprehensive project management, and the actual implementation of equipment rolled out in a timely manner. When construction delays occurred, the window for installation and execution of the workstations was reduced from 14 days to 5 days. The SCHS board and their employees needed to know the IT infrastructure and workstations would be operational from the minute they opened their doors. A failure on this front would inhibit their ability to provide any care to the patients that relied on them. Furthermore, they sought an experienced IT provider that they could form a long-term partnership with, and who could be a trusted ally who would work with them as they continue to grow.

The Int Tec Solution

After their initial consultation with SCHS, Int Tec presented an in-depth business solution that was tailored to meet their needs – both for the current relocation as well as anything the health facility might need moving forward. Int Tec’s solution met the time requirements for the project and accounted for all of the networking and configuration specifications that are unique to medical providers and their requirements regarding clinical data and patient information.

For the move itself, Int Tec suggested suitable hardware and software solutions which would provide the experience they laid out in their proposal. They were also able to leverage their Gold Partnerships with Dell and HP to ensure the equipment needed arrived quickly and maximised the amount of time they had available to complete the work itself.

Int Tec was able to rely on its extensive team to provide enough resources to complete the rollout and installation in the 5 days that were available. This ensured that SCHS staff simply had to come to work on opening day and everything worked seamlessly.

The Int Tec Benefits

Int Tec was able to provide several key benefits to SCHS during their relocation process, including:

  • Adapting to their circumstances. When faced with a tight timeline due to circumstances out of their control, Int Tec went above and beyond the call of duty and found a way to still deliver the final product to SCHS, thereby reducing the anxiety that they surely experienced due to other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Incorporating all of the elements they needed and wanted in their new facility, including the upgraded communications system and video conferencing capabilities in their meeting rooms. Rather than having to work with multiple vendors, Int Tec provided the knowledge and skills necessary to meet all of their needs.
  • Providing a large enough team to cover the scope of work necessary to still get the job done under a short deadline.
  • Leveraging their relationships with vendors to speed up the delivery of equipment in order to ensure the deadline is still met.
  • Delivering a cost-effective solution.
  • Continuing to address their IT needs in a way that fosters the growth of the organisation and helps them achieve superior patient care.

The Int Tec Result

SCHS was extremely happy with the level of service that Int Tec was able to provide and Craig Stanbridge, former CEO, said that “Out of all things relating to the new building, their best experience was IT.”

This experience has served as the foundation for an ongoing, collaborative partnership with SCHS. Int Tec remains to be their trusted partner for all things IT. To find out more about Sunraysia Community Health Services, visit their website.

Through their partnership, Int Tec Solutions has deepened its commitment to providing outstanding technical consulting and support to Sunraysia Community Health Services (SCHS) by providing superb support services. This partnership is in line with Int Tec Solutions’ pledge to consistently employing technology that results in the achievement of useful, reliable and cost-effective solutions that work for clients to meet their unique goals.


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