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Cloud Readiness

Cloud computing is all the rage right now. It is frequently touted as the future of business technology, and the statistics on cloud usage are compelling. According to Gartner1, cloud computing (including applications, infrastructure, platform, and networking) will total a $206 billion market by 2019. The majority of solutions will be a hybrid cloud architecture.

Cloud services can include those that host applications, platforms, infrastructure, and even networking. Functionally, most employees in organisations have very little change in how they do their day-to-day work, but on the back end, the arrangement is completely different. Rather than owning the computing resources, organisations pay someone else to own, manage, and operate.

Migrations to the cloud are often very resource intensive and complex, although once the migration is complete, the benefits can be seen immediately.

Int Tec Solutions can help make the migration and management of cloud resources easier for organisations operating in any industry. With a suite of cloud service offerings, Int Tec Solutions can serve as your one-stop-shop that meets all of your needs.

Why Choose the Cloud?

Due to the complexity of cloud migrations, many organisations are holding off on making a move. Others have concerns that range from losing security and control of their data, relying on the stability of data flow and the internet, dealing with multiple vendors and products, challenges with integration with on-premise equipment, and simply a lack of experience with cloud technologies.

Despite these concerns, there is a clear and compelling case for way moving to the cloud is the next big IT move many organisations must make, if they haven’t already.


The cloud essentially functions as an on-demand service that has rapid elasticity. The benefits in this are that the IT resources are self-serviced and that your organisation can easily handle huge fluctuations in demand for resources without having to make costly investments in new equipment that ultimately have a much-lower ROI.


Cloud-based communications tools can increase the ease with which collaboration happens at a facility. When functions like email, instant messaging, VoIP, event scheduling and conferencing are on a shared platform, it becomes a common feature of business life. With this increased connectivity combined with greater use of mobile devices, collaboration is simply easier.


Despite widespread beliefs that IT quality may be decreased on the cloud, it can actually lead to better quality. The feedback and metrics that are measured on the cloud can help to inform better IT decision that have a positive impact on quality.


While disasters at workplaces are relatively rare, they do happen. For smaller businesses, this can often mean the end of the business. With cloud-based resources, data recovery becomes much easier, minimising the impact.


Given the advantages already discussed, it is clear to see that operationally speaking, there are huge financial savings. This is generally the primary motivator for cloud migration. In addition to the operational efficiencies, the pay as you go model for cloud resources is usually vastly less expensive than purchasing additional equipment and hosting it on-premise.

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Cloud Strategy – Planning and Assessment

Int Tec Solutions can provide expert consulting with existing IT staff as well as senior leadership to identify your goals and growth strategy as well as assess your current resources. By identifying inefficiencies and matching the most suitable technologies with their business purpose, huge gains can be made in operational efficiency. Our cloud consulting team has the skills and expertise needed to optimise the benefits and maximise the ROI for your cloud computing investments.

Cloud Migration and Implementation

Int Tec Solutions can assist with mapping out the timeline for the migration, as well as complete all of the necessary work up-front to ensure that the cloud migration goes as smoothly as possible. Our team can work on designing, developing and deploying cloud assets. We can also bring our knowledge to the table by sharing information that will help you make better decisions that may impact risk management and data security. With our knowledge and experience, we can make sure that your migration goes as smoothly as possible, minimising downtime and disruption.

Cloud Support and Management

Our professionals can also help to support and manage your cloud resources after the migration is complete. This can take many forms, but includes training and sharing best practices, working with multiple vendors to ensure that you are always using the best solutions available to meet your business objectives, and helping to navigate the divide with hybrid cloud structures. Int Tec Solutions will also work closely with you to gain any insights into how your cloud environment can be enhanced, and provide technical support that addresses any concerns clients may have.

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Cloud Security

You can trust that your cloud assets will remain safe when Int Tec Solutions is providing the security. By implementing measures that include continuous monitoring, the development of security controls, and ongoing security assessments, your data will remain as secure as possible. But since we all know that risk cannot be eliminated, Int Tec Solutions will also guidance with risk management issues related to data and the development of response plans that can mitigate the harm done in the event of a data breach.

Cloud Development

IT architectures can become very complicated, quickly. Int Tec Solutions will continue developing these assets in a flexible way that can respond nimbly to any changes necessary. Our team will continue to innovate and develop your cloud architecture in a way that lets you focus on growing and remaining competitive.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

When assessing their cloud resources, needs and strategy, the majority of organisations will not opt for a complete migration to a public cloud. Many of them choose to keep the best of both worlds by combining on-premise infrastructure with public clouds – this is called a hybrid cloud. Hybrid clouds offer many of the advantages of the cloud, such as flexibility and financial savings, while also allowing for greater control of data and sensitive assets. There is an additional benefit of being able to migrate at a more gradual pace. Int Tec Solutions can work with your organisation to develop a hybrid approach that meets the needs of your business and bridges the gap between on-premise infrastructure and cloud-based assets.


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