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Local Government

Int Tec Solutions has consistently delivered outstanding ICT services to increasingly complex environments across the regions of Australia.

The public is in constant transaction with their local government for fundamental processes – from birth, marriage, and death registrations to business permit applications, the list is endless. As such, it is crucial that these organisations maintain the trust of the citizens they serve by safeguarding public information and providing reliable services.

In order to accomplish this, local governments need high-quality IT infrastructure with robust security measures.

How We Can Help

VOIP And Unified Communication

We are experts in enterprise communications technology, which provides an opportunity for local government to achieve the benefits of unified communication. Int Tec Solutions helps make sure that you can share policy updates, ideas and collaborate with colleagues and constituents in an easy, reliable and cost-effective way.

Cloud Services

Our cloud computing services can help local governments become more unified in rendering their services to society:

Comprehensive Cyber Security

As safekeepers of the public’s sensitive information, local government units have a duty to keep security and privacy at the forefront of their operations. From the receptionist’s computer, the city auditor’s workstation and the mayor’s laptop to the biometric scanners and CCTV cameras around government buildings, no area should be overlooked when it comes to security

Our 6-Point Cyber Security Approach

System hardening is the process of strengthening an IT system through thorough inspection and elimination of elements and processes that expose it to risks. This includes unnecessary programs and unsecured login points. Int Tec Solutions employs a comprehensive 6-point cybersecurity approach that is in accordance with IT risk management best practices. This process ensures safety and public reporting compliance and lifts the burden of day-to-day monitoring from your team into our experts’ hands.

Identification of risks

Our experts evaluate your existing system and identify potential areas of weaknesses that may have been overlooked.

Vulnerability reduction

We educate your employees on best practices that can prevent threats and provide a security roadmap customised for your institution.

Disruption prevention

We help you prevent attacks and disruptions to your system by installing and updating anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware software in all portals, developing and implementing a real-time response plan.


We are big on transparency. While our services employ updated and advanced skills and protocols, we recognise that there is no magic wand when it comes to cybersecurity. That’s why we make it a point to develop a plan on how to mitigate incidents to reduce or eliminate downtime and loss.


With time, your institution may need to create a process to fulfill a new function or simply stay one step ahead of potential attackers, which will then warrant a system update. On top of our regular network assessments, we will coordinate with your in-house IT team to respond to changes in the network to ensure a smooth and secure transition to the latest technology.


After establishing secure protocols and tools in each part of your system, we then work to stabilize the entire cyber landscape. We will assist your organisation to develop long-term cybersecurity policies and solutions. This is alongside our continued assessment and monitoring of your systems.

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