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Cloud Security Assessment

Our cloud security assessment service delivers actionable insights that help your organisation to identify, prevent, and quickly recover from attacks.

Digital transformation for an organisation is often led by its cloud computing capacity. New and improved agility, speed, and access levels come about as a result of cloud footprints that revolutionise different types of organisations. But with emerging technology there is a need for high-level strategy from leadership to overcome new security threats stemming from cloud computing resources because of its increasing adoption and utilisation.

At Int Tec Solutions, we have developed an efficient process for tackling cloud security’s most pressing challenges. We enhance your cloud security through continuous security assessments that pinpoint threats, which can result from breaches, misconfigurations and non-standard deployments.

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Complete End-to-End ICT

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Complete End-to-End ICT

Meeting the growing IT demands for a private health provider

The board of SCHS needed an IT provider that could assist with the entire process, including the consultation and planning activities, comprehensive project management, and the actual implementation of equipment rolled out in a timely manner.

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