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NBN Readiness: Your Migration Roadmap for Businesses & Multi Sites

The NBN: A New Frontier

The rollout of the national broadband network, or NBN, is a landmark milestone for connecting many Australians to the new higher-speed digital landscape. On the global stage, this high-speed connectivity will become increasingly necessary for businesses in any industry to compete internationally. It will also make it easier to deliver exceptional service to clients within the country. Despite the promise of the NBN, many organisations struggle when determining the best path for moving forward with a migration, since much of it will not happen automatically. The migration also represents a huge opportunity for businesses to take stock of their current IT systems and processes to make sure that they are effectively utilizing the best tools to meet their goals. With a strong track record in IT consulting, Int Tec Solutions is committed to working with any organisation to develop a migration roadmap that will meet the diverse needs of businesses in all industries. This comprehensive plan will provide assurance that the migration process will go as smoothly as possible, no matter how complex.

Planning and Analysis

Planning for the migration and assessing your current technologies and processes will be the first step for all businesses. Int Tec can assist with every step of this process, from setting target dates for the migration, to conducting a thorough audit that will take into account the full scope of business processes that will be impacted. With the potential to impact all of the following devices and services, NBN migration can become quite complex, especially for businesses operating in several locations.

  • Internet connection
  • PBX systems, phone lines, and IP telephony
  • Fax machines/lines
  • ATMs
  • EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer at the point of sale)
  • HICAPS/health claim terminals
  • Advanced communications systems, such as video conferencing
  • WANs
  • Cloud services
  • Security alarms and CCTV
  • Fire alarms
  • Lift emergency telephones
  • Medical alarms

In addition to addressing the needs of devices and systems, Int Tec Solutions can also help clients take a comprehensive assessment of their unique network requirements to ensure that the migration plan accounts for these needs.

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Creating Strong Partnerships

Migrating to the NBN is going to take a colossal amount of effort, even for smaller organisations. Int Tec Solutions realises that the foundation for a smooth transition will lie in creating solid relationships with digital strategy partners. Reaching out to these partners early on can save an incredible amount of time and resources during the actual migration.

These partner organisations have the knowledge to share best practices and recommend crucial actions that should be taken during both the planning and migration process.

With Int Tec’s ability to forge and navigate these partner relationships, clients can be sure that they are leveraging the entire breadth of knowledge within their network.

Though the NBN migration process will likely be complex and require huge amounts of resources in order to be coordinated in a way that meets your unique business needs, with the knowledge that Int Tec professionals can bring to the process, clients can be assured that the transition will be made using the safest, most-efficient and cost-effective approach.

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